Pagetime Behind-the-Scenes (1998) Technology is moving at lightspeed. In 1998, I was directing and photographing TV spots for Adelphia’s pager division. Imagine a device that can receive only one line of text and can’t respond to the sender! Anyway, we had to shoot a sunny beach scene in a Pittsburgh studio. One of our crew guys brought his camcorder to the shoot upon learning that former Miss Pennsylvania would appear in her bathing suit.

Northcoast (now Euphoria Post) was contracted to handle post-production editorial and special effects. Bill Casteel was the on-set effects supervisor. We covered the studio floor with about 2,000 pounds of sand from Home Depot. The rear wall of the studio cyc was painted chroma key blue with white tracking marks. Visual Effects Supervisor, Jim Kreitzburg (now of Animal East) handled the computer effects on a Silicon-Graphics Flame. Jim is so talented that he created the sky writing biplane out of 2 letter “I’s” and the letter “L”. The project was created by ad agency, Hallmark Advertising.


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