Introducing 24P (from 2002) Today 24P is taken for granted and the technology is used in everything from corporate videos to major motion pictures. Before about 2001, there was the expensive “look” of 35mm film vs the traditional “look” of 27.97fps video. This “micro-documentary” showcases the pioneering role of Przyborski Productions in the initial concept of 24P. We created this video in 2002 to show ad agency producers and art directors that it was possible to shoot digital video and have it look much like film. When we began work on this idea in the late 80’s, none of us could imagine the impact it would have in commercial production. Our company was issued U.S. Patents 5,475,425 and 5,831,673 which are licensed to Sony, Panasonic, Canon, and others. (NOTE: This video was captured from Digital Betacam which originally was interlaced with 3-2 pulldown.)


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